Inner Child Rescue Online Workshop With Jen Huber & India Leigh August 28

Inner Child Rescue Online Workshop With Jen Huber & India Leigh August 28

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Inner Child Rescue Online Workshop With Jen Huber and India Leigh

Saturday, August 28, 4-5 pm ET

If you want deeper, more meaningful relationships with others, it’s crucial that you connect more deeply and become a loving guardian to your inner child. It’s time for that little YOU to play and to lead you into a life that is in alignment with all that makes you truly joyful and alive!

Your inner child is in there just waiting to be rescued by you and to show you the way to the life and relationships of your dreams.

During this online workshop, spirit intuitive card reader India Leigh and psychic medium and shamanic guide Jen Huber, both certified Relationship Reinvented/Root Camp coaches, will guide you in reconnecting with and rescuing the child within you. 

Through teachings, exercises, meditations and energy work/readings, we will:

- Help you find the moment of inner “disconnection” you experienced as a child 

- Give you the tools to help you reconnect within and with that child inside 

- Explore your relationship with your inner masculine (dad) and feminine (mom)

- Help you identify the ways your disconnections have been showing up in your relationships 

- Support you in nurturing and taking your inner child with you into the next part of your life in deep connection 

This workshop will introduce you to Root Camp, created by Relationship Reinvented, a 6- to 8-week intensive program designed to change the relationship with yourself first, looking at your patterns in connection with yourself and others. It provides important core work for any and all issues including life changes, addiction recovery, career changing, abuse, personal and professional relationships, etc. Root Camp coaching sessions are scheduled weekly and held privately via Zoom online video chat. 

 A Zoom link will be sent to you the day of the event.